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Families & Private Clients

Who We Are

Families & Private Clients

Practical and personal legal advice for private clients and their families

We assist our clients in all critical life decisions, in the legal structuring of their affairs as well as the resolution of complex conflicts. Dealing with different personalities, different values and goals requires not only tact, empathy and assertiveness, but above all, experience. Our experience and expert knowledge enable us to make a significant contribution in mastering decisive situations in the interest of our clients. Since the line between personal and business life is often blurred, we support our clients not only in their personal matters but also in their role as business or property owners, investors or managers. 

Our advice is always holistic, clear, and pragmatic and takes into account the dynamic changes and needs of our clients in this fast-paced, globalized and complex world. When it comes to legal succession strategy and structuring, we help our clients to preserve, sustainably protect, and grow their assets over generations ensuring financial security for them and their family in the best possible way while safeguarding and pursuing their interests.

  • Succession

  • Inheritance and Family Law

  • Governance (Family and Corporate Governance)

  • Foundations, Tursts and Establishments (Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Offshore)  

  • Family Assemblies

  • Family Office

  • Family Platform

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Global Mobility  Asset Protection

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